With Halloween about three weeks away, I am curious. What do you feel will be the most popular costume this year on all hallows eve?

Year in and year out millions of america's children and well adult children both dress up in costume for Halloween. Maybe as an adult you won't go trick or treating with an old pillowcase for candy. Either way pop culture easily can be blamed for many of the costume choices and there are a few standout costumes I feel will be massive this season.

With August's release of Suicide Squad and the insane popularity of Margot Robbie's portrayal of Harley Quinn, I would be willing to bet many teenagers and adults will go out with blonde pigtails dripped in blue and red dye.

Zombies, forever popular. Walking Dead was and still is a massive TV show for AMC. On top of the millions who watch it week in and week out, it also is a design for the creative. You tend not to pattern it off anything. It probably will be the most unique option of the bunch.

Then the elephant in the room. Clowns. With the insurgence over social media and news outlets of terrifying clowns popping up all over the US, Id assume we will see more clowns this year than ever before. Hopefully not the insanely scary clowns and yet the happy clowns you find at a circus.

What say you?