Granted, this poll was conducted in England but we have a funny feeling most Americans would feel the same.

What would you do for a measly $16?

Would you eat dog food? Give up sex for a whole month? Kiss your boss?

Well, according to the poll, most Brits would do all of the above for $16.

The poll surveyed over 1,800 men and women to see how far they would go for a low amount of cash. The main motivator for doing any of them wasn't the cash. No, it was the "thrill." However, that was with no money involved. Put money up and they'll be will to take even a bigger risk.

So what were the "Top 5" things Brits would be will to do for $16 (or 10 euro)?

  1. Eat dog food (22%)
  2. Give up sex for a month (21%)
  3. Run naked down the street (19%)
  4. Be a personal slave for a day (17%)
  5. Get a henna tattoo on their forehead [such rebels they are] (16%)

"Letting your Ex take loose your Facebook for an hour" was in the Top 10 with 13%. Other notables from the Top 10 - Waking your entire body including head (8%) and Kissing your boss regardless of gender for 10 seconds (15%)

Would you do any of these for $16? Our own Adams ate dog food a few weeks back for "likes" on our Facebook page. See the video HERE.

[Female First UK]