With all this talk of 2012 and zombies lately, it got me wondering what life would be like and what would we do to survive!

With the new hit series The Walking Dead there has been a lot of talk about zombies and with it being 2012 talk of  the apocalypse. So combined them together and it is the ultimate way to annihilate the world we know.  How would you survive?  Where would you go and who would you trust??  What would you do??  I recently read that the CDC (center of disease control) has even wrote a little something about what to do incase the zombies do attack http://emergency.cdc.gov/socialmedia/zombies_blog.asp. So maybe this isn't gibberish!?? So this is what I would do. I would start by buying can goods and saving  up water. I would also pack a bag with clothes, batteries,flashlights,knifes,duct tape, and invest in a tent. So far no brainers for survival. I guess I would also need to get a gun since it plays such a role in killing off zombies and also maybe some lessons at a firing range. Now I don't why but I would need some fireworks ,  as a distraction like flare guns ohhhh flare guns too!! With  them extra magazines and newspapers in my house I'll keep them to start the fires and I'll have to get a big box of them extra large matches too.  I also need to up keep my car and have extra gas set aside hahahaha extra gas aside with these gas prices!!! This is getting pretty pricey ,come to think of  it  in this day in age everything  is over priced to survive and had zombies to the mix screw it I'm buying a pack of smokes and bottle of whiskey and I'll  just wait. why beat em when you can join em!!! BRAINS!!!!!