Robert E. Lee Elementary School in Austin, TX is getting a name-change. The school board voted to remove the name of the Confederate general and asked parents and students to help rename the school.

This looks like a lot of fun to me, and I feel that the folks in Austin, TX should not be the only ones having all the fun. They deserve to be punished instead, because they let their elementary school bare the name of a general from the losing side of the American Civil War.

I can wish in one hand and pick my nose with the other to see what sticks first, but I still want to get in on the fun.

I went to Forts Ferry Elementary and I still live around the area. Yup, Forts Ferry Rd and Sparrowbush Rd are my stomping grounds, and I have yet to see an actual Fort or Ferry. So, I would like to rename my elementary school.

I propose that we rename Forts Ferry Elementary to Edwards Elementary.

If you get it, then you're a Forts Ferry/Sparrowbush OG just like me.


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