I know of one Halloween Party this weekend and it is the one that any self-respecting Rock-A-Holic should be, at the Upstate Concert Hall on Saturday night to see Clutch and to find out who is going to be Q103's new Rock Girl.


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That looks like a fun Halloween Party, the one at the Upstate Concert Hall and the one in the picture, I have not been to many Halloween Parties.

I did not get to go to many Halloween parties when I was a kid but my son is going to two this weekend and it makes me feel good for him, the only Halloween Party I can remember going to as a kid was at a neighbors house, where they had a bowl of grapes that were supposed to be eyeballs and now when ever I think of it I kind of want to eat some grapes.

I went to one Halloween Party in High School, I did not wear a costume and their was a fight when someone drew a Hitler mustache on a girl who was passed out, then the cops showed up because the host thought it would be a good idea to have a Hardcore Band perform in his garage after 10:00 pm. In his defense it was not a school night.

I went to a Drag Show Halloween Party and a Halloween Party hosted by a Drag Queen, at the party hosted by a Drag Queen we built a bonfire and I had too much whiskey, on the way home from the party my designated driver treated me to Burger King. After I ate it I started hiccuping and I knew I had to do the big spit, on the way to the toilet I tried to keep my mouth closed, I think that I tried a little too hard because I ended up spraying puke all over the walls from the corners of my mouth, as I cleaned up my Burger King puke I was amazed at how little I had digested the meal but it made it easier to clean up.

I did not get drunk at the Drag Show Halloween Party, it was fun because the people at the show really went all out with their costumes, but then things got awkward when an Underwear Boy got mad at me because I did not get turned on when he forced a lap dance on me, in his defense he was drunk.

I went to the Halloween Party last year at the Upstate Concert Hall dressed as Hunter S. Thompson, but no one bought me a whiskey and I was accidentally rude to Maria Brink because I did not recognize her, so ignored her when she tried to talk to me, sorry Maria Brink.

In Conclusion: Don't be like me and get drunk and eat Burger King because you will puke, be nice to Drag Queens, Underwear Boys and Maria Brink and go see Clutch and the new Q103 Rock Girl at the Upstate Concert Hall on Saturday Night.

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