Is there anything more sad...and maddening...then seeing a once loved Christmas Tree dumped on the side of the highway. That once beautiful symbol of the holidays just tossed like garbage. Well, maybe that person didn't know that that tree could have a second life by recycling it. FOR FREE.

That's right most Capital Region cities have some kind of Christmas tree recycling program. Some will pick them up right at the curb and some you drop off. Either way it's a great environmentally disposable way to dispose of your tree.

Once it's donated/dropped off they can be mulched for use in local landscaping, recycled into paper products and even sunk into lakes to make fish beds. Now isn't that way better then dumping it on the side of the road and hoping nobody see you.

Here's a list of ways you can recycle your Christmas tree in the area. Just remember to take all your ornaments, lights and other decorations off the tree and if your tree is over seven feet tall, cut it in half. Check out the list HERE.