We live here so we tend to understand and accept winter. Maybe we shouldn't seeing as we landed in the top 50.

Of course it should be obvious that Albany landed nowhere near the top end of this list. I mean with a state like Alaska how could any city add up to the cold days they have. Coming in at number one is Fairbanks, Alaska. Some brutal numbers pulled in by the coldest city in the US with an average low temp of almost -17 degrees. They also average a touch over five feet of snow yearly.

The list is based off of the weather each city has and a city is only eligible if they have more than 10,000 people living there. Albany with a population of just shy of 100,000 people certainly qualifies. In our coldest month we average around 14 degrees and with that we also average a little bit more than five feet of snow. Not in recent years. We pulled in at the number 40 position.