With all of the festivals coming up in Albany, Schenectady, Troy and Saratoga it is important to know where to park. Unfortunately unless it’s a Theme Park or a Walmart finding a good parking spot can be extremely difficult, frustrating and sometimes dangerous.

I am the type of person who shows up extremely early just to secure a parking spot or I park my car far away from the event I am attending and then I walk.

I do this because I don’t want to fight over a parking spot, I can’t parallel park and I live in fear of being toed or getting into an accident.

I like to play it safe and call it healthy.

If anyone steals that quote I will hunt you down and remember I park really far away so you won’t see me coming.

I would be more open to parking closer to where ever I am going if someone would tell me where a good place to park is.

What is a good place to park:

  • A place that does not require a special skill to park, I can’t be the only one who cant parallel park. I am also terrible when it comes to backing up into a parking spot, which I consider to be another special skill, both of these special skills are not necessary unless you’re being paid. If you’re not getting paid park fancy then find a place that suits your common driving skills.
  • Cheap or free parking with no time limit is a great place to park, unfortunately people will lose their minds if parking spots like this existed. Instead we have to settle for 20 dollar parking spots or places with signs that we don’t completely understand, or we have to trust someone telling you “You can leave your car there it will be fine.” Those people never take into consideration that “leaving your car” is the last thing you want to do because you may never see it again. You should find a place to park where they only charge you a hug, a friendly hug, where is that place? I don’t know I am not a hugger.
  • A place that you do not have to fight for. You ever see those jerks who hover around a parking lot waiting for that close spot to open up so that they can take it? but they're not the only ones eyeballing that spot and then there is always tension between the people trying to take that spot. These people are comparable to animals and you should not participate in their animalistic behavior, you should take a spot at a safe distance from these animals and observe them as if you’re at the Zoo, you can even throw food pellets at them.

This is all my opinion of course and I am probably wrong, so if you’re so smart then where is a good place to park?

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