Recently I moved to Clifton Park, I've lived in Latham, Watervliet, Cohoes, Rexford and Albany, I have never lived in Troy or Schenectady and I don't want to because Schenectady scares me and Troy makes me sad and hurts my car.

Green Green Grass Of Home
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I've lived in Latham for most of my life and although it's a sad little town it will always have a special place in my heart, so I am kind of bias toward living anywhere else in the Capital Region. In my opinion Latham is the best place to live in the Capital Region because it's crossroads to the Capital Region which makes it kind of the nerve center of the Capital Region.

I lived in Watervliet and Cohoes but when I did it was on the boarder of Latham so I can't really say that I had a chance to embrace Watervliet or Cohoes.

I lived in Rexford for a week because the Landlord misinformed me, he said that smoking allowed in the apartment, then I found out that it was not. I got my rent and security deposit back so there were no hard feelings, but the place was next to the river so it smelt like a swamp and I hated the traffic.

When I lived in Albany I rarely went outside of my building, not because I was scared but because the parking sucked. If I walked to where ever I needed to go or took the bus, people kept asking me for cigarettes. Eventually mice invaded my apartment so I beat them to death with a hammer, but then the mice evolved and became quicker then my hammer stroke so I bought some glue traps, I won that war.

Now I live in Clifton Park, it's nice, but I have no idea where anything is.

That's all I have to say about that for now.



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