I am a very courteous cigarette smoker I don’t like to smoke around people who do not, especially kids, some people are like me and some people are the complete opposite. Summer time can be difficult for courteous smokers like me when attending outdoor events or when going to a park, because we’re not going to smoke anywhere we want, so we need to know where to go to smoke?

I appreciate places like The Great Escape because they have designated smoking areas, I actually enjoy the designated smoking areas because they are usually nice little areas with benches. It’s as if smokers have a hideout where they can take a short break from the hustle and bustle walking around an amusement park all day.

I went to a dinosaur park in Connecticut last month with my son and it was a tobacco free zone, even the parking lot. I could of walked outside of the designated tobacco free zone but that would of been too much work and I would of looked like some kind of creepy goon. I wish that other theme/amusement parks followed The Great Escape and Six Flags example. 

Parks and Community Centers are the difficult places for a smoker because there usually is not a designated smoking area. A courteous smoker like myself will take a hike far away from the non-smokers in order to find a safe place to smoke but how far is too far?

You would think that parking lots are a safe place to smoke but not all of them are and you have to deal with the looks of families pulling in to the parking lot with their kids giving you the look of shame.

I respect tobacco free zones and I love designates smoking sections but when a place has no signs indicating that it is a tobacco free zone and had no designated smoking section I don’t know what to do. I usually look for a place that has cigarette buts on the ground or try to find another smoker and see where they go to smoke.

The moral of this blog is: In the summer time, don’t just light one up, stop and find a safe, courteous place to smoke.