From only a few years ago seeing a 70 degree Christmas, we will get the polar opposite (pun intended) this year.

Earlier last week you may have seen an article about the possibility of a White Christmas. Many times things can shift just a touch and either appear a few days early or track in a completely different direction. This time the possibility looks to become reality.

I don't mind getting a little snow on Christmas, its just it appears we will get more than just a little bit of snow. This looks to be a storm that may cause some issues around the Capital Region.

"The latest forecast shows us getting 4 to 6 inches of snow starting on Christmas Eve around 10 p.m. and ending early Christmas afternoon," Heller said noting it was a perfect snowfall for children. "As they go to bed, they'll see the snow falling. And then they'll wake up to the Capital Region's biggest snowfall so far in the season. -TIMES UNION"

So this Christmas it seems we will get slammed with a pretty substantial storm. Be careful on the roadways to and from your families homes and have a Merry Christmas!