Today I found out that Cory Feldman and Roseanne have blocked me on twitter and I don’t understand why they did. I especially don't understand Cory Feldman. Shouldn’t he be thrilled that he still has fans?

Although it is disheartening that celebrities have blocked me on Twitter, it is also exciting! It means that they saw my tweet and that they felt some kind of emotion toward me, enough emotion for them to access my profile and click the three balls that give you more options, no pun intended, and block me. My twitter pic is of me pointing at the camera, so as Cory and Roseanne blocked me, they had to look at me pointing at them first.

So both Cory Feldman and Roseanne saw me pointing at them, that’s exciting.

Why did they block me?

I tweeted an article at Cory Feldman that said he was Cory Haim and offered my services to harass the people who made the mistake, I was just trying to help.

I have no idea why Roseanne blocked me.

Do I really care that they blocked me? No.

I wrote this blog because after I found out that they blocked me I spent a significant amount of time trying to figure out who else has blocked me on twitter. I am happy that all of my favorite WWE Superstars have not blocked me. I am happy that my favorite celebrities and favorite politicians that I like to harass have not blocked me.

Although I am happy that it seems as if Cory and Roseanne are the only people who have blocked me, I feel compelled to make more celebrities block me.

So who is blocking you?

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