For real, this company is looking to hire 'Cannabis Connoisseurs' that they will pay $50 an hour plus expenses!

There has been a lot of marijuana talk in the news recently especially with several states legalizing it's recreational use already and even with New York's advancements with medical marijuana.

Well our neighbors to the north are officially legalizing marijuana across the entire country on October 17th and, as the good people at the Thrillist points out, one Toronto based company is preparing to expand their business once it goes into effect. Which means they are hiring and looking for people who have "Danced with the Devil's Lettuce" that will make up their Cannabis Curation Committee. Essentially paying them $50 an hour to smoke weed to help them decide which strains will go into their variety sample packs.

Plus, you will be required to write about it for social media and appear in videos and at company events to discuss your recommendations. However, on top of the $50 an hour pay they will also give you a $200 a month expense account!

If you are feeling like you were put on this earth to do this job well then you might want to get on applying because I am sure there are quite a few other people that are feeling the same way and there are only 5 positions available. You do need to be at least 19 years old to apply and do so by October 17th. If you want it you can go for the job by clicking here.