If you’re going to the morning show I hope that you enjoy your breakfast buffet because once again I will be sitting her behind the board making sure that the rest of us can listen to you enjoying the breakfast buffet.

I love breakfast food, so a breakfast buffet is like a a stream of love for me, a delicious stream of bacon and sausage, scrambled eggs and omelets with peppers, onions and sometimes mushrooms.

A fun thing to do at a breakfast buffet is to make your own breakfast sandwich, you can make it on a bagel or a biscuit, or two pieces of toast. I don’t care for pancakes or waffles as much as I do breakfast meats but if it’s a part of the buffet I save them for desert.

There will be no breakfast buffet at the night show although there should be, because that is the one I may go to, although I want there to be a breakfast buffet at the night show I know there will not be one and if there was it would not be the same.

Because I will not be able to enjoy your beautiful breakfast buffet at City Line tomorrow, I hope that something goes terribly wrong and that all they have to serve you, Free Beer, Hot Wings, Steve and Justin is lumpy oatmeal and burned coffee with skim milk, yeah that’s right skim milk. 

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