I knew you would click this story. I mean come on, everyone loves a bald bush. It's not what you think though. Former President George H. Bush is earning a bit of praise around the country with regard to his melon. Frankly, he's done such a great thing, it deserves some love.

Back in 1953 the former President lost his daughter Robin to Leukemia. Fast forward to now: A member of Bush's Secret Service detail has a son, Patrick, who is currently battling the disease. With a show of support, the entire detail shaved their heads, including the former Potus.

President, Bill Clinton took the time and sent the following
tweet to show his support.

President Obama's White House
tweeted the following pic captioned with:

'RT to show your support for Patrick: In solidarity with the 2-yr-old leukemia patient, POTUS #41 shaved his head.'

George H Bush/Patrick
Twitter screenshot

High Five Papa Bush, high five!

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