This is just something I can't wrap my mind around, but it seems like Kate Hudson prefers some pretty fugly guys.


I was just reading the other day about how Kate Hudson is engaged to that little pip squeak Matt Bellamy from Muse.  This got me thinking, why does Kate Hudson seem to prefer these ugly dudes?  With the exception of Yankee third basemen Alex Rodriguez, she seems to always date of her league.

Kate Hudson is a gorgeous girl and here she is dating guys like Chris Robinson from the Black Crows and Matt Bellamy?  I just think it's a shame.  Now couples like Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen, David and Victoria Beckham.  Those people belong together to put more beautiful people on the earth.  I guess Hudson just has a thing for those dirty rocker guys.  Lets hope things don't work out for Hudson and Bellamy and we can try and hook her up with Justin Timberlake, I think he's single.

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