Q103 and the Q-Tease head to Dublins every Wednesday night to play pop culture trivia. How smart are you in sports, entertainment, movies, politics, current events, history and more?  If you're not but want to win some great prizes - Here are some answers to trivia questions that will be asked.


Rob Dawes hosts Smarter Than A Q-Tease Trivia Wednesday night 7p-9p at Dublins, 121 4th Street in Troy.  This week your team takes on Nikki & Amanda.

3 rounds of trivia, at the end of each round the winning teams  will win prizes including beer and food plus $25 gift certificates to Dublins.

Here are some question / answers that will be asked so your team wont look like idiots when the Q-Tease know the answer and you don't!

Question #1

True or False - Sex can cure headaches?

Answer:  True.  So why does my wife always say she has a headache and then goes to bed?

Question #2

Which famous star or stars from Full House celebrated their 25 birthday on Monday?

Answer:  Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen - the fantasies I had when I was younger!!

Question #3

What edible comes in crimmini, morel, oyster and wood ear varieties?

Answer:  Mushrooms  - many listeners should know the answer to this for obvious reasons!

Question #4

What document did President Andrew Johnson want a copy of placed under his head upon his burial?

Answer: The U.S. Constitution - ah yes the Smarter Than A 5th Grader question that baffles everyone,  not this week people!!

Have fun playing trivia at Dublins on 4th street in Troy, next to I Love NY Pizza.  Wednesday night 7p-9p.  Bring your team, your buddy, buddies, or yourself for a great night of trivia.  Besides where else can you play trivia against two hot girls?








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