Would you like to beat the Q103 Q-Tease at trivia?  Q103 hosts trivia every Wednesday night from 7p-9p at Dublins at 121 4th street in Troy.  We call it Smarter Than A Q-Tease trivia, - bring your team for a great night of pop culture trivia to beat Jen & Amanda and win prizes.   If you want some questions with answers to help you be smarter keep reading!


It will be a hot night in Troy, so cool down at Dublins - bring your team and play some trivia.   Rob Dawes hosts 3 rounds of trivia.  At the end of each round the winning teams will win food, beverages and a $25 gift certificate.   IF you beat the Q103 Q-Tease your team can take home some other prizes like concert tickets, movie passes and more.  Jen & Amanda are a tough team to beat.   Amanda is fresh off of graduating from Hartwick College while Jen has spent numerous hours on the internet studying to kick your ass in trivia.

I've gathered some questions with the answers that will be asked tonight at trivia

Question #1

What explorer introduced Italians to spaghetti in the 14th century?

Answer:  Marco Polo  - Isn't that a game you play in a pool blindfolded??

Question #2

In which Ian Fleming novel did the dog Edison appear?

Answer:  Chitty Chitty Bang Bang  - dont be confused with Einstein from Back to the Future!

Question #3

Who was the man behind the educational film strips and infomercials in The Simpson's?

Answer:  Troy McClure  - exactly where does Rob get these questions from?

Question #4

Which U.S. president used some of his winnings from poker games to help launch his campaign for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives?

Answer: Richard Nixon - yes he was tricky -  I'm sure there will be a Weiner question too so be prepared.

There you go -  4 questions to help you outwit the Q-Tease.

I heard there was a hilarious moment from last week where beer went up players noises when they heard the answer to this question:   What is Ithyphallophobia? .

I'm sure there will be more questions like that Wednesday night too.  Have fun with Smarter Than A Q-Tease Trivia

~ Hunter

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