It's that time of year, all across the nation people are filling out their NCAA basketball brackets in hopes of winning the office pool.  I've done the research and have some tips in filling out a winning bracket.


The madness has begun!  However, this year the Men's Division One NCAA Basketball Tournament is different. There are 68 teams with four play in games.  These are 16 & 12 seeds that will play Tuesday, and Wednesday in hopes to get in the 64 brackets.  No need to worry about these teams if they are 16 seeds as they will have to face a number 1 seed once in the tournament. You will want to pay attention to the 12 seed games as these could very well upset.

The other difference this year, is that CBS has allowed other networks to air the games, so if CBS breaks away for a tip of another game you can watch the end of the game they broke away from on another network.

You probably have until 12 noon on Thursday to submit your bracket to win and earn bragging rights for the year.

I've done some research and this is what I've come across. 

Take a #12 seed over a #5 seed.  Since 1989 it's happened every year but two.

Pick a double seed team to the sweet 16, every year it has happened.


Pick a number 1 seed to make it to the final four.  Do not pick all number 1 seeds to be the final four like President Obama did, it wont happen! In fact Kansas is a number 1 seed who lost early last year and could very well lose early again this year.  (Only because they suck against teams that start with the letter B. - they lost to Bradley and Bucknell in back to back seasons).

Look for Final Four teams to repeat again this year or at least pick two. 

Watch out for trendy picks.  UCONN would fall into this category as they won the Big East Tournament. PENN STATE is another, they played 4 games in 4 days, but are on a roll, I do see them getting by TEMPLE.

Be aware of the number one overall seed OHIO STATE.  They are playing in the toughest bracket.  If you take Ohio state, say your prayers! They have to play the red hot Kentucky Wildcats and then get past North Carolina. But they also could get hot during the tournament and be the National Champion.

This is an interesting stat too. No team has ever won the title after losing its opening-round conference tournament game.  No. 1 seed Pittsburgh, No. 3 Purdue and No. 4 Wisconsin fit that mold.

Look to big teams.  They have the programs are able to attract and recruit athletes at a level that the smaller schools cant match.


Watchout for Glens Falls Native Jimmer Fredette.  Ever since BYU lost Brandon Davis, the team hasnt been as explosive.  They will be lucky to get past the first round even with leading scorer Jimmer and his 30 foot 3 pointers. I hope he does though!

Also watch out for former Bishop Maginn Talor Battle. His #10 seeded PENN STATE team is in it's first NCAA tournament in Battle's career.  He is a senior and will probably win against TEMPLE.

Cinderella picks are rare to make it to the final four two years in a row. George Mason and Butler were cinderella's- this year cinderella's will end in the 2nd week.

Top 3 seeds are better than 4 seeds.  Dont pick those upsets.  No. 4 seeds have reached the Sweet 16 only 33 percent of the time. That's a huge drop-off from No. 3 seeds (63 percent), No. 2 (67 percent) and No. 1 (96 percent). KENTUCKY, TEXAS, LOUISVILLE and WISCONSIN are No. 4 seeds this year.

 Dont pick a 16 seed over a number 1 seed. They are 0-104! Also the 15th seed.  Stay away from them too. They might be pretty to look at in a beauty contest but wont be the queen.  15 seeds have only won 4 times.


Beginner's luck.  As crazy as it may seem go ahead and ask someone who has never filled out a bracket and get their thoughts. There is beginners luck!  My 10 year old daughter won the household bracket last year because of BUTLER.  Everytime she picked the team's name it was Butt-ler hehehehe. (just like Beavis and Butthead)  Who would have thought they would make it to the championship game?

 You can use these tips if you like, it's much better than throwing darts, flipping coins and consulting psychics but if your bracket blows up, dont blame me!

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