Are we becoming too "sensitive" of a nation? If someone calls another person "fat" all hell breaks loose. Last month several girls were referred to as "Fat" on the their receipt from a restaurant, they wanted their meals for free because they were "offended." In Miami, FL a woman was reffered to as "Fat" on her valet parking ticket, now she is getting a year of free parking.

NBC Miami reports that Sharyn Peoples was handed her valet tickets and scribbled on it was "Play. Red Dress. Fat."

Sharyn complained to the company that runs the lot, LAZ Parking. After an apology and assurances that the employee in question was questioned and reprimanded - Sharyn was still livid angry over the situation and asked for the employee to be fired. Really?

In an interview NBC, Peoples claims that "People should not accept employees slandering their patrons in any shape or form." She went on with a message to the valet that wrote the offensive words "I feel bad for you, that your parents obviously didn't raise you well enough, and I hope that you understand this is not at all acceptable."

Firing someone over a word written on a ticket? I get you were offended and I've been offended a time or two in my life, but to fire someone over something like this? I just can't see it. Have we become such a sensitive country or hungry for free stuff that we pounce on anything questionable to get something for ourselves?