This reporter thought he was going to report one story but instead he became part of a completely different one.

ABC reporter Josh Taylor was sent to report on the story of a woman who was accused of rental fraud. The woman is accused of renting out a "11-bedroom" home that was actually only a 5-bedrooms that had code violations. The victim asked for her money back and when the landlord refused, she called her local TV station.

Once Josh arrived on the scene, he set up his tripod camera in the middle of the street to begin he reporting. That's when a woman ran out from the home, grabbed Josh's tripod, and demanded he leave.

The woman in question is Jean Price and when Josh refused to leave, she jumped in his company car and drove away. All this mind was caught on tape.

Price will be charged with Grand Theft Auto for the incident. No word on the potential fraud charges from the false rental listing.