I don’t want to be cold hearted but I think it’s safe to say that Abby Road is not for everyone. At least it’s not for people who just blinding run across it with total disregard for the killing machines flying by.

This woman in the video appears to be alive so I feel comfortable making fun of her. This is the crosswalk made famous by the Beetles’ Abby Road album cover. People love to recreate the same shot of the 4 band members walking across. However it is a very busy street and that means sometimes cars on occasion will be driving on it.

This woman appears to just throw caution to the wind and run straight into a car. Yes it appears that car has a monster behind the wheel that I think drove away from the accident scene but let’s refocus on the women. She ran directly into the car! I don’t mean she ran into the side of it in the crosswalk, she pretty much aimed for the front and did a diagonal running patter to ensure this would happen. If I could take a moment and pass along a very important message to the world, “people are people and cars are CARS. Cars can hurt people because they are very big, very heavy and very hard. People are slow, skinny, and squishy. Don’t try to tackle a speeding car”. It’s like the kicker trying to tackle a line backer. (I made a sports reference so you will think I’m manly and cool)