Well, this sure is an interesting chain of events ...

Opening Ceremony
Opening Ceremony

Almost exactly three years ago World of Beer which boasted having over 500 beers available with 56 beers on tap and covering over 40 countries opened it's doors in Crossgates Mall.

Almost exactly one year ago World of Beer inside Crossgates Mall quietly closed it's doors with little to no explanation to the public or it's employees as to why. Something that has seemed to be a bit of a trend throughout the company when closing down locations I might add.

Fast forward to today when word started getting out that World of Beer is planning on reopening it's doors in Crossgates Mall yet again! I first got wind of the reopening through a Facebook event invite that was announcing that they were hiring. Naturally I thought this cant' be a legit thing, can it? So I did some digging and came across and article on the TU saying that they say much of the same. According to the article:

The {Albany} location's page on the World of Beer website says "Reopening soon!," and an online job ad from last week solicits inquiries for the position of general manager. The telephone number, the same as for the previous incarnation, is not yet functional.

A spokeswoman for Crossgates has said World of Beer is due to open at some point in July.

So if you missed your hide out spot in the mall where you can enjoy beers from across the globe, pub food, and live music it looks like it may just be coming back! We'll keep you posted when we receive any opening dates.