As many of you know, porn superstar Sara Jay presented an opportunity for her twitter followers to get dirty with her if the Miami Heat won the NBA championship. They won, and now she has to pay up.


When pornstar Sara Jay tweeted that she would give all of her twitter followers a 'mouth party' if the Miami Heat won the Championship, there is noway she thought she would have to do it. Well, now she has to make good on it. The question is, would you act on the opportunity?

Sara isn't alone. She'll be joined in the festivities by fellow pornstar Angelina Castro. They aren't just going to go into this blindly though. What do you think they are, sluts? These women are professional. The men will have to get tested for STDs, and have everything submitted before the August 2nd deadline. You also have to be okay with it being filmed, and streamed on their website.

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