A  Doctor’s botched a circumcision in Chicago caused a child to lose almost half his penis, but it’s cool because his family got $1.3 million?

“Hey Tommy where did you get that sweet new Ferrari?”

“Oh this Ferrari? I got it because some drunken doctor cut off half my dong when I was a baby.”

Breitbart.com is reporting a story about a family who was awarded some serious money after a Doctor’s mistake left their child with only 60% of his penis. According to the article the doctor missed three safety procedures that should have been followed. Which when it comes to snipping off the tips of penises I think every doctor should skip any safety steps they can to try and save time and hurry it up.

The doctor’s attorney argued that this was a predictable complication of circumcision, to which Kotin responded, “If that were a known complication to a circumcision procedure, I suggest to you that nobody would dare have a circumcision done because it would be too risky.”  - BB

I know this a baby we are talking about and there is no way he can know what he is missing out on yet, but this story makes me cringe. Also this story raises the question “Would you be cool with having only 60% of your penis if it meant you got $1.3 million?” my answer is absolutely not. I don’t care how many hookers and Ferraris I can buy with that money because I wouldn’t fully be able to enjoy it knowing I’m only really 60% of a man.

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