Earlier on The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show they played audio from ABC News 10, out of San Diego where some residents are upset about weekend Yoga lessons in a public park, I examined this story very carefully.


I have a confession to make, it was I who painted "Yogis go home" on the sidewalk where these people take their Yoga lessons, it was supposed to say "Yogis come home with me."

As some of you know, I am not a good speller, I was in a rush when I wrote that on the sidewalk.

I wanted the Yogis to come home with me because I was thinking of getting into Yoga, I got a introduction to Yoga Dvd and I can't find it, so I figured I would go to the source.

I have another confession.

I did not write that on the sidewalk and I have never been to San Diego.

However I would not complain if these lessons were taking place in a park across the street from my apartment, Yoga pants have been my favorite thing to come out of the modern pop culture.

If I did live in San Diego across the street from this park, the Yogis would write on the sidewalk "Stop watching us Dan America."

Now I am upset, because I don't live in San Diego across from a park where people take Yoga lessons on the weekends, and if I did they would not want me to watch, they would probably want me to pay for lessons.

Not that I would look bad in Yoga pants.

Who wants to see me in Yoga pants?

I like Yoga pants.


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