Sounds too good to be true right? It indeed is not. This could be you, see if you have what it takes!

I cannot think of a much better way to make this kind of loot. I mean $40 an hour is a substantial amount of money. Even if Natural Light isn't exactly your thing, who cares. It isn't all too bad and you get paid handsomely to drink it.

Hopefully you have what it takes. They want someone who will be able to do these things.

  • Be a Brand Ambassador
  • Attend Events
  • Create "Fire Viral Content"
  • Be in contact with your manager on trends
  • Design swag
  • Do a weekly vlog

Other than those you will be able to drink beer and make cash. Not too shabby. If you are interested in applying click here.

For more from Delish, click here to get all of the pertinent info for the gig.

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