This replica comes with all the bells and whistles and it could totally be yours next month ... for the right price.

The Saratoga Auto Auction is coming up next month at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center September 21st and 22nd and at this years auction you could score yourself your very own 'Batmobile'!

This is not just any replica according to WNYT the owner/builder of the car spent seven years prepping the car to the specs of the one featured in the 1960s TV series complete with emergency beacon, propane fueled flame thrower, and display parachutes! Of course you will have to come up with the cash to make it yours and appoint your own Robin nut this baby is pretty sweet!

Talk about the ultimate dream car! Seriously, if you get your hands on this baby do me a solid and bring it by the station so I can see it up close and in person? If you feeling really adventurous I would totally be down for a cruise around the Capital Region! Costumes optional of course.