You cannot sit on the sidewalk in Saratoga, but don't worry because you can still sit on the sidewalk in Latham, because Latham, NY is the greatest town on earth.

I am not saying that everyone who wants to have a seat on the sidewalk in Saratoga should come to Latham and sit on the sidewalk. All I am saying is that you can sit on the sidewalk in Latham. The only problem is that we really don't have much of a sidewalk to sit on in Latham.

I know that there is a sidewalk west of the circle, but you should all stay away from Latham west of the circle because that is where I live, and so does my Dad. We do not live together, but my apartment complex is across the street from his neighborhood, and we both hate traffic.

Ever since Sonic came to Latham, west of the circle, traffic on Forts Ferry Rd has been terrible in the late afternoon and evening. I know that this is just going to encourage people to come to the west side of Latham, grab some Sonic and sit on the sidewalk, so I will warn you: my dad is a Vietnam Vet and a retired Postal Worker and he refuses to wear his hearing aid.