Once agian, thank you Craigslist! I didn't know that THIS was the secret weapon I need to be a true bro and make the ladies weak in the knees.

As only a true used car salesman can do, this guy weaves a beautiful tale of BS that makes me want his old piece of crap trucks. With lines like "Chicks galore and the envy of your bros"? I can't possibly resist.......Well played sir, well played.

2 Dodge Dakotas - $1500 (Readsboro Vt) 

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1998 Dodge Dakota

Have you ever wanted to be one of the bro's? A big dog? A person of supposed envy but just weren't cool enough? Well I have a permanent fix to that. With these 2 trucks you will soon be in the winners circle for sure. Chicks galore and the envy of your bro's. I have a 1998 dodge Dakota. With 6 screaming cylinders just waiting to melt the tires off each and every single time you feel the need to show just how awesome you really are! The truck comes with a full size spare matching the off the hook aluminum wheels this baby sports. With a solid 5speed tranny you will be the king each time you pull up to that red light eager to teach that bro wanna be in the civic or neon beside you a free lesson. When it's time to hit that kegger up in the woods your in like Flynn baby! She's got earth shattering torque and traction when you activate 4 wheel drive. With only 96,500 miles this TRUE power wagon is only just a baby. Act fast as this very well could be the grab of the century with a little hesitation I'm also offering FARM TRUCK a 2000 Dodge Dakota with 276,500 miles. She's an automatic and "only" 2 wheel drive but don't let that fool you this thing flies, gets the jobs done, and gets all the chicks. So if you want to be top dog, king of the hill, the envy of everyone around you and you ain't quite figured out how jump on this deal. 2 fire breathers for the price of one. I hate to part with either one of them but I just don't have the energy to keep up with bro status anymore. My loss is your gain and at 1500 for the pair it's a steal. I've taken the liberty to letter farm truck.