We're wishing our best to everyone impacted by this.

According to News 10 abc, two large fires happened overnight in Albany, impacting twelve buildings.  The fires happened on Sheridan Ave. and on Quail Street, but according to the report, they're not believed to be related.  Not that there's relief in such a devastating circumstance, but I can say it's a relief that they're not related, particularly after news reports not too long ago of a serial arsonist in Massachusetts not far from here. Multiple buildings in each fire were affected, bringing the total of impact to twelve buildings.  According to News 10 abc, no one was injured in the Sheridan Ave fire, and one person was injured in the Quail Street fire and taken to Albany Medical Center.  Sounds like a scary situation, with multiple fire departments involved.  My thoughts go out to everyone affected in such a devastating situation, and to the firefighters involved in helping to keep everyone as safe as possible.