Spoiler in case you're worried- the dog is OK (thankfully).  But talk about the stuff nightmares are made of!

What happened to a local TV anchor's dog is straight out of a horror movie.  It kind of is a horror movie, since there are even photos and a video (if you want to go down that route).  News 10 abc posted about the ordeal that WTEN anchor Sam DiMascio went through over recent weeks with her pet dog.

After developing a lump like a cyst under it's eye, TV anchor Sam DiMascio's pet dog Fiona was treated by the vet.  However, things kept getting worse.  The 'cyst' got worse, and according to News 10 abc a little hole even developed in the area.  Well, turns out that Fiona was infested with a botfly larva.  For anyone who knows anything about botflies (I oddly do as I have a habit of going down the "wrong side" of YouTube and watching bug infestations and pimple popping like it's my job), you know how nightmarish they are.

These larvae are NOT small.  The process to get them out is even more interesting.  While botflies are more natural in areas like Mexico and South America, it's reported that the infestation may have come from a normal behavior like Fiona sniffing around the grass, where a fly could have then laid eggs (which then become a larva embedded in skin.  Yup. Scary stuff).  News 10 abc posted a video of the removal procedure if you want to check it out.  We're just glad the pup is ok!  As if ticks aren't bad enough-  here's one more thing to watch out for.