The Walking Dead has turned up the Zombie fad here in American to "11" and, literally, everyone is trying to cash in on the explosion. Zombie Industries are now selling The Bleeding "Ex" Zombie for you to practice your shots when taking out the dead.

With the price tag of $99.95, the life-sized mannequin "bleeds" when shot. The Zombie's body is made of biodegradable material and filled with "zombie matter". According to the company, the target can take up to 1000+ multi-caliber hits over the coarse of it's undead lifespan.

Go figure, "The Ex" Zombie is a hit with customers leaving such comments as “I love that this target looks like Britney Spears and it bleeds when I shot it,” one customer wrote. “The dark haired one looks like my bitch ex-wife, who I HATE! I can’t wait to shoot her face off for taking my shit,” another customer told the company.

Watch the video above and get ready for the impending Zombie Apocalypse.