Recently I had the chance to sit down with local independent filmmaker Kyle Kleege, although we had no chairs to sit on we still talked about zombies and making movies in the Capital Region. 

I met Kyle 2 years ago when I answered an add on Craig's List posted by another local filmmaker Alex Caldwell.

Fortunately Kyle and I were not seduced by fame and pressured into making porn, although we did spend 2 weeks filming on Alex's family farm. There were no animals, just barns and land, so the porn pun was necessary.

Here is the trailer that Alex eventually produced.

We spent a week in August shooting, the cast and crew got along and all the marijuana used in the making of this was fake and tasted like we were smoking corn flakes. I am not sure where Alex ordered the prop from, before that I never knew that you could order fake marijuana off the internet.

The man singing and playing the guitar was known to us as Hobo, he was a licensed street performer who has played all across the country.

Obviously the project never got the green light, instead the production company that Alex submitted the trailer and script to went with a movie about a girl who has to attend two proms in one night.

Shame on you Forrest Whitaker.

Instead of letting such a superior idea get us down, Kyle and I keep on keeping on.

Kyle and I are proof that there is a local entertainment scene in the Capital Region and that you don't have to leave home to make movies or start doing stand-up comedy. Eventually you may have to, but it can all start here.

Now here is a creepy little clip from Kyle's Youtube channel.