Despite all of the drama surrounding the NFL lockout the draft is going ahead as planned with no interference from the Players Association.

With the NFL lockout over for the time being it looks like we are finally returning to a sense of normalcy.  One of the norms is the NFL draft.  The first round kicks off tonight and goes through the weekend.

I don't usually pay to much attention the draft except for the first round, which should be pretty interesting this year.  Some really good players are coming out of college this year but who is going first?  According to ESPN draft expert Todd McShay he thinks that Auburn Quarterback Cam Newton will go number one over all to the Carolina Panthers.  This would be a huge move for Carolina since they are lacking in the QB field.

McShay's top 5 picks are Cam Newton, Marcell Dareus, Von Miller, AJ Green and Blaine Gabbert.  The first 5 teams on the docket for the draft are the Panthers, Broncos, Bills, Bengals and Cardinals.  Now who knows who will actually go first, but I think Cam Newton will for sure.  All of the teams need a QB, so if he doesn't go to one he'll be on one of the others.

Like I said, I won't watch the whole draft but I will tune in to see who goes first.  It is always cool to see the number one pick in both the NFL and NBA.  Most of the time they are mediocre at best, but sometimes they really surprise you like Kevin Durant for the Oklahoma City Thunder or Sam Bradford for the St. Louis Rams.

So grab  cold one sit back and see who your team gets!  As an Eagle fan I hope we pick up some help on defense or someone for the offensive line because I want Vick protected!  The draft starts at 8pm tonight on ESPN.