Drafting in the National Football League isn’t the exact science that most NFL scouts and general managers would like you to believe it is. It explains why players like JaMarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf can be first overall picks and Tom Brady can be a sixth-round selection.

In a more entertaining world, NFL general managers would make decisions based on most inane and well, fun ways to decide the future of their NFL franchise. In this post, we’ll countdown the top eight things that we wished NFL general managers used to decide their draft picks.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

It’s one of the oldest decision-making processes in human history and we would love to see Cowboys owner Jerry Jones “throw down” with his scouts in deciding which player to take.  Maybe it should be renamed “Rock, Jones, Scissors” since Jerry’s face appears to be made of marble.

Flipping A Coin

When we have to make a 50/50 decision, we usually like to flip a coin to determine which path to choose. It wouldn’t surprise us if some NFL general managers didn’t have good luck charms, and at some point in the NFL’s history, someone has flipped a coin to determine a draft pick. “It’s not our fault that pick sucked, it came out heads.”

Dart Boards

Allegedly, back in the 1940’s and 50’s, business owners would put up a dartboard in their office to help make decisions. If an NFL general manager wanted to have a little fun in making their selection, he could just post a couple pictures of the players you want to draft on that board and the first dart that hits a picture, that is the player you will be drafting. Just pray that your GM has good aim!

Magic 8 Ball

The Magic 8 Ball has stood the test of time as one of things that people actually use to make decisions. All in all, the Magic 8 Ball can give you nearly twenty different answers to your query and if you want leave something to fate, the Magic 8 ball might be the best. So, if an NFL GM wants to drop about ten bucks for a good decision making tool, they should buy an 8-Ball.


Although there is no conclusive proof that psychics can actually tell the future, that hasn’t stopped people from pouring money into the future-telling industry. If you’re an NFL GM who want to takes a glimpse into the future, you might as well spend some money to take a look at the cards. Just don’t expect John Edwards to tell you who to take in the sixth round.

Fan Poll

In today’s crazy Internet age, we’re not surprised that some NFL teams haven’t enlisted the help of the fans to make the selection. The only issue is who would the fans blame if they chose wrong?

Trending Topics on Twitter

Twitter isn’t just for cyber-stalking our favorite celebrities. If an NFL general manager wanted to take the people’s choice, they might check through the trending topics. #TheBrownsShouldTakeAnyoneThatWouldPlayForThem

Using Madden

The most popular sports video game franchise in America has given NFL fans of all ages a chance to direct their favorite teams virtually so why not let Madden auto-draft an ACTUAL team? Sure, the AI might take a punter in the second round, but if Al Davis was still alive, he’d do it too.