Spring is here! There is something about warmer weather and driving faster. Windows down, gas pedal down, right? If this sounds like you, and even if it doesn't, here is a warning for you. You should know this before hitting the road.

New York State Police will be enforcing the speed limit, as they always have. Starting this month, you might not ever see the officer and your ticket could arrive in the mail.

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It is now possible to get a speeding ticket, even if there isn't an officer around for miles with Automated Work Zone Speed Enforcement. New York State officials suggest that this isn't an effort to write more tickets. The goal is to slow motorists down in work zone areas and make the roadways safer.

When you see a work zone it is possible that there is a camera capturing your image and recording your speed. You will see signs indicating that this is an Automated Work Zone Speed Enforcement area. The cameras are checked for violations on a daily basis.

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There are 30 of these units and they use radar to identify any vehicle traveling equal to or faster than the posted speed limit. Go over the limit and the camera is triggered to snap several images. This is similar to red light cameras and cameras at toll areas.

Troopers will know the time, date, posted speed, vehicle speed, location, lane, and direction you were traveling in. A Notice of Liability is then created and mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle within 2-6 weeks.

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No points will be issued but penalties for this violation aren't cheap with $50 for the first violation, potential $75 for the second violation and $100 fine for the third violation if within an 18-month period of first violation.

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