I'm beginning to feel like no food is safe with all of the recalls!  Now, according to News 10 abc, about 3,000 cases of ice pops made under The Ziegenfelder Company are being recalled.  The ice pops being recalled are sold as "Budget Saver Cherry Pineapple Monster Pops" and "Sugar Free Twin Pops."  The reason they are being recalled is due to Listeria. The recall is reported as voluntary after an inspection of the company's Denver based facility tested positive for the Listeria pathogen.  You can get more information, and even find out the serial numbers of the recall, at News 10 abc.

At least this happened before the summertime hit!  The last thing anyone wants is a nice refreshing ice pop in some muggy, hot weather only to get diarrhea.  Yes, Listeria causes fever and diarrhea.  If you want to read more about it, you can check out the CDC Listeria information page.  Otherwise, hopefully you didn't buy or eat these ice pops, and avoid any kind of stomach issues.