Halloween, my favorite holiday, is over.   Candy hangovers (and maybe regular hangovers for some of you) struck full-force this morning.  It's still the middle of the work week.  It's like waking up on the worst side of the bed!  Now, some people I know LOVE this time of year.  But for me, I'm a slight curmudgeon, full of depression at the idea of waiting a whole year until Halloween, and full of irritation.  Why?  Well.  Here's at least five things that drive me nuts about November 1st!


  • 1

    The Starbucks Holiday Cup

    It's November 1st. What happened when I looked at the morning news? Well, I saw that Starbucks released their 'holiday cup.'  WHY IS THIS NEWS! There's more than one thing about this that irritates me.  For starters- IT'S ONLY NOVEMBER 1st! Also, really, why is this even a thing! Who cares what the design on a paper cup is.  I want my coffee. That's it.  And until the caffeine hits, I don't care about ANYTHING cheerful.  Just caffeine.  Oh, and apparently this year it's a cup you can color on... who saves their paper coffee cups once their finished?  Have fun turning it over to color on while the last drips of coffee spill all over your leg.

  • 2

    Sticks Season

    Mud. Cold. Leafless Trees. More Mud. More cold just above the freezing point so when it rains it makes more mud.  Welcome to 'sticks season'!  Barf.

  • 3

    Christmas and Holiday Displays

    Today I walked into no less than three stores that already had full Christmas and Holiday displays.  Christmas trees, wreaths, wrapping papers, bows, ornaments, and more.  I have to be honest, I felt slightly like the Grinch (I'll have to remember that for next year's Halloween costume)...  So much for a day to rebound with Halloween sales. It's as if the second it hit midnight, someone hit a button and all of the displays switched.  Does it matter that it's ONLY NOVEMBER 1st! Clearly not.

  • 4

    Live Music Claustrophobia

    Irritability is the realization that it's November 1st, and it will be an entire six months- at least- until I get to hang at an outdoor arena and listen to live music, in my t-shirt and wedges.  Not that I don't love indoor venues. I love live music ANYWHERE. I just can't handle the claustrophobic feeling of knowing I won't enjoy a summer night at SPAC until after six months of fighting the elements!

  • 5

    Tires Tires Tires

    Winter tires. All Season tires.  Winter tires.  All season tires.  The cycle never ends.  Like I really have time or money to go get myself a new set of tires. But I have too. Why? Because its NOVEMBER 1st! I already saw a salt truck driving in front of me today on the thruway- talk about an ominous warning.  At least you can try to win Free Beer and Hot Wings Cash all month long to help buy you a new set of tires!!!

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