The Capital District is a big region, with it's own little sub-regions.  And as someone who lives north of Albany, there's a couple life hacks and things that I've learned from my "northern" community.  Now, I'm limiting my list to five things, but I know there are more 'northern living' standards and experiences, so feel free to comment and add yours to the list!

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    Rush Hour Traffic is Torture

    Want a simple lesson on relativity?  How about Northway traffic, where one mile can seem like INFINITY.  Going south to Albany during the morning rush? Going north towards Saratoga during the evening rush? Either way, get ready to sit in traffic that can make a short trek seem like an epic journey.

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    Colonie Center

    For shopping and movies at least, I'll take Colonie Center.  A quick pop off of exit 4 to a shopping center with way less foot traffic, way less social anxiety, and still has restaurants, shops, and a movie theater?  I'm all in for Colonie Center.

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    Winter is a Rite of Passage

    Living north of Albany?  Well, get ready for winter!  Anyone who has lived north of Albany has been through the rite of passage that includes driving in snow-covered roads, power loss, bitter cold, and a solid chunk of months of pure winter weather misery. But with that misery comes snowmobiling, donuts in the snow (I'm not advocating for anyone to do those), ice, warm fireplaces, and more.  So I guess it's not all bad.  But I'd definitely say the first northern winter is a rite of passage!

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    Concerts in Glens Falls Rock

    It's a trek to get down to Albany.  But if a show is at the Cool Insuring Arena?! YES! It's like that moment the concert gets announced that thought flashes of "I don't have to drive an hour home!"

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    The Pain of Explaining Where You Live

    "No- I don't live right in Albany."  "No, I'm in New York. But not in New York City." "Yes, we have mountains and grass."  "Yes, there ARE rural areas believe it or not!"  Just a few statements that I've repeated over and over and over, and have heard repeated over and over and over, living in the Capital Region but not in the Capital.  But I've learned- it's an interesting view outsiders seem to have of New York (that we ALL live in New York City!).