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Did You Know? Rock Legend Says Northway Speed Limit Inspired ’80s Hit
The Lyrics "It took me 16 hours to get to L.A. Gonna write me up a 125 Post my face wanted dead or alive Take my license, all that jive I can't drive 55!"  Sammy Hagar claims that he was traveling through Albany when he got the speeding ticket that inspired his '80s hit "I Can't Drive 55!"
140,000 Plus in Capital Region Without Power
The powerful storm that swept through the Capital Region yesterday afternoon came fast and furious catching many of us by surprise.  Trees were uprooted, power lines came down and sadly, at least two lives were lost yesterday afternoon as a result.  This morning, as many people in the Capital Region wake and start the day, they're doing so without power.  It's estimated that at least 140,000 peopl
518 List of Firework Extravaganzas on the 4th
The "Summer of Bummer" continues as the bigger and more traditional 4th of July firework shows have been postponed or canceled due to COVID-19, but all is not lost! While some of the massive displays that we're used to seeing in downtown Albany, Clifton Park, and Lake George won't be happening, that's not stopping fireworks in many places in our area.  Here's a list of area places that w
Rivers and Saratoga Casinos To Close Temporarily
In press releases sent out today from both Rivers Casino in Schenectady and the Saratoga Casino in Saratoga Springs, the rippling local and global effects of the coronovirus will temporarily suspend their operations.
Death Wish Coffee ‘Cafe’ Coming To Albany
One of the most talked about and beloved strong-tasting coffee brands (both locally and nationally) will be opening up their first ever stand-alone cafe in Albany part of a multi-million renovation project.
I Went Down The UFO Rabbit Hole And There’s No Turning Back
Last weekend a buddy of mine turned me on to a few documentaries about Area 51, alien spacecraft, the Air Force and Navy pilots who've witnessed 'something crazy in the sky' and one man in particular; his name is Bob Lazar.  I've always considered myself somewhat of a skeptic on anything, not just UFO's and aliens.  But I try to be relatively open-minded about all things because hey, you never kno
Chilly Neighbors Unable To Freeze Out ‘Ice Cold Beer’ Selling Kid
With Capital Region temperatures about to skyrocket this weekend, maybe a little side-hustle by your kids could help them generate enough cha-ching for a new bike, some video games, toys or even contribute to a local charity.  This young man's cold marketing strategy was so successful, neighbors called the cops in an attempt freeze out the young entrepreneurs plans. But to no avail.  This is a cla

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