If someone owed you $900 you probably wouldn't wait 3 years to collect it. What if the IRS owed you money? The government agency is sitting on over 1 billion dollars and they want New York State residents to have what is rightfully yours.

Let's see if you are eligible to receive nearly $1,000 in refunds.

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Last week the Internal Revenue Service revealed that more than $1.5 billion dollars of unclaimed income tax refunds are ready to be paid to 1.5 million U.S. citizens but funds can't be paid out until these individuals file their 2018 1040 federal tax form.

There are an estimated 77,000 New York State residents that could qualify for a $900 refund! That is nearly $80 Million in unclaimed refunds for New Yorkers! You still have time to claim this money but that window is starting to close.

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According to the IRS, if a federal income tax return was not filed, you have 3 years to claim a tax refund. If you don't file a tax return within three years, the money becomes the property of the U.S. Treasury and nobody wants that.

This means, if you have not filed your 2018 federal return, New York residents have until Monday April 18, 2022 to do so. Taxpayers living in Maine and Massachusetts have until April 19, 2022 due to Patriots Day. Make sure the tax return is postmarked  Monday April 18th.

The IRS wants to help people who are due refunds but haven't filed their 2018 tax returns yet," said IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig.

Click HERE to get a 1040 Federal form for 2018.

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