This street sign that I see every single day is one that doesn't confuse me but certainly does confuse many of people in front of me.

It clearly is a sign that reads "No Turn on Red" then below it with a folded up stop sign reads "Mon thru Fri Between 7 AM and 8 AM". There shouldn't be anything confusing about that sign right? Yet somehow everyone stops at this in the other hours. Why, the sign below negates the no turn right? Here is my story with it and why I actually stopped.

The other day behind me was a state trooper who was coming up quick and kept creeping closer and closer. I could see the anger on his face in the mirror. I also saw this man turn around after I drove by him earlier on the same road. So I decided well, screw it I will sit here and he will deal. I am not gonna go through and let him pull me over. The sign is just confusing enough to make me do that. Does it seem confusing to you?

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