I suppose Troy understands they have potholes everywhere. It also seems they are caring to get them fixed.

There isn't a whole lot short of an accident that is as heart-stopping as hitting a major pothole. You know that "Oh Crap" moment. The times where you keep driving listening for an inevitable hiss of air followed by a thump, thump, thump. I have been there, you have been there too. It sucks.

Well, Troy, a town riddled with potholes is out to save the day. Or at least after you do your part to report the where the actual wheel killer is. I know the moment I saw this I reported one that sits at the intersection of Middleburgh and Oakwood. I was driving one night and thought I popped the tire for sure. Got lucky that time I guess.

Also just drove down 3rd Avenue in Lansingburgh between 121st & 116th. I must have hit at least 100 potholes.

Want to report a pothole so Troy can fill it in a timely manner? Fill out the report linked here.

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