Apparently this is a thing- there is an article about it. But I'm an American, so I am going to express my opinion about the subject without reading the article that it is based on. It's good to be an American.

Hot Dog Cushion
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A hot dog is not a sandwich because a hot dog is served on a bun. If a hot dog were served between two pieces of bread, then it would be a sandwich. However, there is such a thing as a hot dog sandwich: when you don't have a bun and you don't feel like eating lies by substituting a piece of bread for a hot dog bun, you just put the hot dogs between two pieces of bread. You can also get a little crazy with it and put hot dogs in buns between two pieces of bread.

I am glad that I can clear that up for everyone when the rest of the world is buzzing about Gorillas in Cincinnati, the NBA Finals or this circus we call politics, you can always count on me, Dan America, to tackle the hard issues.

In conclusion: a hot dog is not a sandwich.


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