So this is quite cool. Heading to a bar to get a pint of Guinness, if you go to one particular bar in Schenectady they can put your photo in the head of the beer.

Guinness is one of my favorite beers. There is just nothing quite like it fresh on tap when you are at a bar. Easily one of my top go to's when I am out. Plus, you can find it almost anywhere this time of year being that we are fast approaching St. Patricks Day.

So, bar hopping in Schenectady. Downtown to be exact? Katie O'Byrnes is a great place to get a brew. I have been there so many times, I can't count. They now have what is called a ripple machine. This machine will literally put your face on the top of the beers head. Pretty sweet.

Check out photos of it on their facebook page here.