If you were driving home yesterday and thought it was odd that exit 4 wasn't dumping off the kind of volume onto the Northway as usual, here is why.

This was all over the news last night as the intersection of Wolf Road and Albany-Shaker was close completely. They urged people to seek alternate routes and it backed traffic up big time during rush hour on a Friday.

Sadly for one person, the rider of a motorcycle involved in the collision that caused it, he never made it home. A 22 year old male from Wynantskill lost his life yesterday when he collided with a Ford Focus at the intersection. From Times Union, the bike was going east when the Focus turned left onto Wolf Road.

Police have not released the identity of the man who lost his life yesterday. Our hearts go out to his family and friends as he was so young and lost his life too early and so suddenly.

Please watch out for motorcycles, they have next to no protection in an accident.