Well this is something.  Sure it's been awhile since I took the SAT exam for school, but back then it was out of 1600 and the exam didn't care who you were (well, it did only for scoring purposes).  It just mattered how you did and what your score was for a college.

But now? Well, according to a recent post by News Channel 13, all exam takers are not equal.  A new 'adversity score' is being added to the SAT.  It's a score that students and parents DON'T get to see- only college officials (which doesn't really make sense to me.  If I'm getting judged or scored for something, I sure want to see the results).

According to CNN, the score is from 1 to 100, and based on 15 different factors, including family income, class size, town crime level and more.  The idea it seems is for colleges to be able to take into account people facing more adversity that they have to overcome and increase socioeconomic diversity on campuses.  What are your thoughts on this?

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