he wild Alaskan takes all the joys of a regular strip club and pairs it with the thrill of knowing that you're trapped on a boat floating on a icy ocean. 

I can not think of a better place to watch naked women dance then an ols boat that smells like fish. This brilliant idea is going to revolutionize the Alaskan strip club scene forever.

Strip clubs are nice, but can they float? Well the Wild Alaskan in Kodiak Alaska can and I want I. I'm not a huge an of strip clubs. Sure, I'll go but I'll make it clear that I am not having a good time. However, I feel like I NEED to get on this boat. I've watched wild Alaska, life below zero, gold rush, and Alaskan state troopers. I feel like I owe it to my favorite TV shows to get on an expensive water taxi and risk my life on a tiny fishing boat with naked tattooed up ladies with face piercings. This is my future.

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