This is a much needed addition for the Albany Airport, here are the details on the potential new garage.

The airport that is holding Chick Fil A hostage to its own residents is now looking to add a brand new 1,000 car parking garage, they are also looking to add this to a very quick turnaround too.

By March 2020 the airport is hoping to have this new garage open and having cars pull in. This seems extremely quick to me. They are also up against a wall price wise. See below from the Times Union regarding estimates for the facility.

"We are getting estimates for the garage exceeding our estimates," he told the board. Those estimates have ranged as high as $42 million. Officials originally estimated the five-level garage would cost $27 million. - Albany Airport CEO John O'Donnell/Times Union

A big reason for this being needed is that they are coming dangerously close to their boarding capacity. More people are boarding, more parking is needed.

They have even more plans for the airport too. Check out the Times Union here for more.

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